So, my two idols are Lana Del Rey and Talia Joy. Lana Del Rey is one of my inspirations because, she’s really pretty and she makes music that I actually want to and like listening too, plus she has good taste in fashion. Talia Joy is my other inspiration because, she always was smiling when she had every reason to be mad and sad, she was soooo amazing at makeup and she’s beautiful.


Pray For Talia 🌺


Talia Joy Castellano, a 13 year old beauty guru sensation on YouTube. Sadly though, she is spending her final days on earth; she is spending her last days with her family and friends. She has suffered with cancer for 6 years, the cancer she has in Stage 4 Neuroblastoma. She has signed the DNR papers, she feels as if she has given up, but God can do amazing miracles and he can save her! Please pray for Talia and Her family; also pray for those who suffer with diseases.

My Favorite Videos Of Her ❤

YouTube Account: TaliaJoy18


Pray For Talia 🎀
We Love You 💋
Just Keep Swimming 🐠
Your A Diamond 💎
Your A Princess 👑