Grillz 😁

These are two celebrities that I didn’t know had Grillz, ke$ha and Lana Del Rey. Well, I’m not really surprised that Ke$ha has Grillz, but I’m kinda shocked that Lana Del Rey does. I’ve just noticed that she has them like a couple moments ago. Oh we’ll, whatever floats their boat.


Weird/Annoying Celebrities


1. Nicki Minaji -_-, she’s really annoying and talks weird and she always tries to pull off a “Britsh Accent”, doesn’t work hun. I am not trying to be mean but, she’s not really pretty, sorry if I offended anyone for saying that comment but, it’s my opinion. A lot of men just like her for her big buttock (it’s not real for anyone wondering). I like her music a little bit, but not her haha.

2. M.I.A. , I don’t have a lot of things to say about her, she’s gorgeous but, her songs are repetative to me.

3. Miley Cyrus, I really feel bad for her dad. She’s out of control, and I think she’s having trouble identifying herself.

4. Amanda Bynes, she’s weird and she was pretty, and she’s gonna regret all the stuff she’s done

Hot Mess!


So this is a post about two celebrities who are a hot mess!!

The first star is Amanda Bynes, she used to host the Amanda Show which aired in the late 90s/ early 2000s. She’s really weird now and is kinda a psycho and a creep.

The second star is Miley Cyrus, she used to be in the show Hannah Montana. Now, she’s really weird….like in her new music video, We Can’t Stop. She’s so weird now.

Which stars do you think are weird now? What do you think of these two? Comment Below….bye !