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The Evil Three…..


If you watch Big Brother (US), you’d probably understand when I call these people “The Evil Three”. Lets start with Kaitlin Barnaby, she seemed really nice in the beginning, she got with the wrong crowd (Jeremy, Aaryn 😤😡, and Ginamarie), her game is now very messed up, but I feel like she can scramble up back to the top by making good choices. Ginamarie, she’s so weird and annoying!!!!! She’s crying over a guy who didn’t have feelings for her……grow up girl! You think your all bad, but your not, sorry to break it to you, and you lost your job due to racist remarks….good luck out there! And finally, the evilest of them all…..Aaryn Gries. She is pure evil and hatred, I don’t know how someone can have so much malice in them, she doesn’t know how bad she is gonna have in out in the world, she’s sheltered so bad and her excuse to her racism and homophobic remarks is “I’m southern…”, you may be pretty, but your ugly inside. Have fun in the employment line for the rest of your life and being bullied……

David Girton’s Reaction To Aaryn’s Comments >>>>>>>>>

Big Brother 15 Contestant Gets Fired From Bella Petite Magazine


Big Brother contestant, Aaryn Gries has been dropped from Bella Petite Magazine and Zephyr Talent (based in Austin, Texas). The reason why she was dropped was she said very racial remarks of some of the other contestants on the show. She’s pretty but has a very mean, awful attitude ! Comment below if you watch this show, and if you do, tell me what you think of her.