Bath And Body Works


This is a post about my favorite bath and body works products…

Triple Moisture Body Cream:
Aruba Coconut & Midnight Pomegranate

Into The Wild (full size), Japanese Cherry Blossom (travel size), Warm Vanilla Sugar (travel size), Secret Wonderland (travel size), Moonlight Path (travel size), & The True Blue Spa Hand lotion (travel size)

Fragrance Mist:
Dark Kiss (travel size), Warm Vanilla Sugar (travel size), & Moonlight Path (travel size)

Japanese Cherry Blossom

My all-time favorite scent is Aruba Coconut

What’s your favorite scent? Comment below


7 thoughts on “Bath And Body Works

  1. I have so much Japanese Cherry Blossom lotion – it’s not even funny. Everyone always gives it to me as gifts because they know how much I like the scent. I probably have three full sized bottles! I’ve never tried the Aruba Coconut. Is that a newer scent?

  2. Cucumber Melon is such a fruity and delicious scent I cannot get enough of it. I also like the Bali scent that came out a couple of years ago and the Pink collection they carried.

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