Day 3: Duck Dynasty :)

Hi everyone, today is day 3 and I decided to make my post about one of my all time favorite shows, duck dynasty! Maybe some of you guys have heard and seen the show, but if you haven’t I’ll tell you about it. So it’s about these people who are rednecks, but not just any rednecks, they own a huge company called Duck Commander and they are millionaires! So they live in a small town called West Monroe in Louisana and this show just shows you about their crazy lives and it’s really funny and I recommend for you to watch it. Their show comes on the network on A&E and new episodes are Wednesday at 10 o clock. Thanks for reading!


Si and Willie


Phil and Jase


Some of the family from Duck Commander




6 thoughts on “Day 3: Duck Dynasty :)

  1. I love this show! Aside from their shenanigans they really do emphasize how important family values are to them. This is a rarity in the world of “reality shows”.

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