100th Post !!!

So this post is very special because, it’s my 100th post 😀 I’m very excited about this, thanks to all of you who read my blog… you are the reason why I make posts !! Thanks for reading, liking, and commenting on my posts !!


How To Basics Series: Straightening Your Hair

Hi, so if you don’t remember I decided to make a How To Basics Series…I waited to see how many comments would come in with requests for this.

So this post is about how to straighten your hair…

1. Wash your hair
2. Blow dry your hair
3. Brush/comb hair
4. Put a good heat protectant in your hair
5. Divide your hair in sections
6. Start straightening your hair (Make sure you have a good straightener)
7. Straighten each section
8. Go back and check for any un-straightened sections
9. Your done !

Here’s a video

thanks for reading !

My Favorite Songs

Hi, sorry I haven’t made a post in a long time…I’ve been quite busy. so anyways this post is about my favorite songs right now….tanks for reading !

1. Silver Lining by Lee DeWyze
2. Just Give Me A Reason by P!nk
3. Mirrors by Justin Timberlake
4. If I Lose Myself by OneRepublic
5. My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark by Fall Out Boy
6. Homeboy by Eric Church
7. When I Was Your Man by Bruno Mars

What’s your favorite song(s)? Tell me in the comment box below

A Couple Lyric Videos

Silver Lining by Lee DeWyze

Mirrors by Justin Timberlake

If I Lose Myself by OneRepublic

When I Was Your Man by Bruno Mars

My Hair Growth Tips

Hi, these are my tips on how to grow grow your hair out…

1) Drink a lot of water

2) Take vitamins (I recommend Nature’s Bounty Hair, Skin, and Nail Pills)

3) Keep your hair in pony tails, buns, etc. (This worked for me, it made my hair grow about 4 inches)

4) Try not to use heat on your hair , if you do use heat use a good heat protectant…if you want to know which ones are good I can recommend some.