Some Reviews On “Products That I Love”

These are four reviews of some products that I had in my last post….

Hard Candy Baked Bronzer:

This type of Bronzer is very sparkly and it’s not a deep contouring type of bronzer. I like it because its shimmery and makes your skin shine.

Revlon Lipbutters in cotton candy:

This is a very good product if your the time of person who doesn’t like big, bold lipsticks or balm stains. It’s a sparkly pink and I recommend this for spring, it’s very flattering to your makeup looks you create.

E.l.f. 6 pan eyeshadows in neutral:

This in a neutral eye palette and it works well if you have blue eyes. I wear this palette almost everyday, it makes my eyes pop because I have blue eyes.

E.l.f. professional Foundation Brush

This is a great brush! It spreads your foundation out really well. I don’t where foundation a lot, but when I do I grab for this. This brush also works with applying concealer.

I hope this helps!


4 thoughts on “Some Reviews On “Products That I Love”

  1. Thanks for the tip on the Hard Candy bronzer and Revlon lip butter. The Elf products I have already and use them all the time. Although I have the palettes for brown eyes and I love them!!!

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