Bye WordPress….

Well guys, this is the end of my WordPress blogging. It’s been a great ride and I love all of you, take care.


The Hair Q&A Post

Hi, so here’s a Q&A hair post….

Q: how long is your hair?
A: it’s a little bit over a foot and a half long

Q: what color is your hair?
A: well I’m actually a light brunette but, now my hair is a brownish red.

Q: what is your hair like naturally?
A: it’s kinda straight but, kinda wavy.

Q: does your hair get greasy easily?
A: it honestly depends on what activity I’m doing.

Q: is your hair damaged?
A: yes.

Q: curling iron or straightener?
A: curling iron for sure.

We’ll I hope this helped you anyone who was wondering about my hair.

A Hair Tutorial


So this is like a half updo that can be good for Christmas parties.

What you’ll need:
1. A curling wand
2. A bubble wand
3. Heat protectant
4. A clip
5. Bobby pins
6. Hairspray

How to achieve this look:
1. Divide your hair into a top section and bottom section
2. Curl your bottom section with the bubble wand
3. Then curl your top section with the curling wand
4. Hairspray your hair
5. Now take to section from each side of your hair then make a knot, bobby pin it, then make other knot